just use idiotbox, it's a better cheat and they knew what they were doing when they made it.

- Cal


Welcome to shitcheat.me, the best place to go for absolutely fuckall

If you'd like to download the cheat, click the download button at the top. That buttons links to my pastebin, where you can download any version of the cheat, along with extensions and modifications of it.

If you need more information, the preface and FAQ of the cheat is below

Q: How the fuck do I install this? A: Look down, retard.
Q: Does the triggerbot toggle? A: It does now, you used to have to hold down a button.
Q: Why did I get banned from a server after using this script? A: The server has CAC, get a better bypasser.
Q: Why do I see people tagged shit like "madbluntz member" on the ESP? A: So you know who's good and who's not.
Q: This shit doesn't work! How can I contact you? A: Add me on steam.  My profile link is below.
Q: Can I be VAC banned for using this? A: No, VAC in Gmod only blocks a few C# cheats from 10 years ago or so.
Q: The ESP doesn't work and I'm not getting any errors, what do? A: Reinstall your game, blame steam workshop.
Q: Why do I get spammed with Lua errors when I join a server? A: Their gamemode is probably broken shit.
Q: Why isn't Something showing up on ESP? A: Either you've not moved within range of it, or it doesn't exist.
Q: How do I reset my settings? A: Go to the Data folder and delete anything with a d_ in front of it.
Q: Where do I go for updates? A: My pastebin, www.pastebin.com/u/Caliber_
Q: Pickup and dupe in radius don't work, can you fix it? A: No, the server is using a modified Clockwork base.
Q: Will you add this feature? A: Contact me and ask me about it.  If it's useless, I likely won't add it.
Q: Can I have my own special ESP tag? A: if you do something really cool or really bad you'll probably get one.
Q: Why did you put this much effort into a cheat? A: This is my hobby, I want to create shit that looks good.
Q: Why is there so much racist bullshit in your cheat? A: to ward off communist retards unworthy of my cheat.
Q: Why does the bypasser you included not work or crash the game? A: You're either not playing on windows or
you don't have the Microsoft .NET framework.  Get that. www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642
Q: Can I change the keys for shit like the aimbot? A: You can bind most things to any key you want, but the
aimbot specifically requires you to change something within the cheat, so if you want to hunt down KEY_F and
all the lines used in the aimbot to change it, be my guest.  I'll try to find an easier way to change shit.
Q: The ESP turned off and I heard Eli from HL2.  What happened? A: Someone tried to screencap you.  Type
panicmode 0 into the console to turn your shit back on.
Q: Is this malware / will this break my pc? A: No, I have not found any way as of yet to create a virus using
LUA, unless you count CAC, since CAC is spyware, but even if this was malware, you would be able to read the
source code directly, so you can see exactly what the script will do when you run it.
Q: I use Odium and the cheat gives me an error, how to fix? A: delete the code for the POM directly below this
paragraph.  For some reason, some people get an error having to do with menu drawing when they try to run it.
I don't personally have a copy of Odium myself, and the project is retired now, so I'll likely not be able to
find out exactly why it happens anytime soon.
Q: I'm trying to use the bypass but I get an error saying it can't load the module or something like that.
What can I do to fix this? A: After some testing and looking shit up, I found out that the bypass specifically
requires the 32 bit version of the 2010 visual C++ redistributable.  Get that here: 
==============================================HOW TO USE THE CHEAT=============================================
To use the cheat, just click download at the top and drop this file into the game's lua directory (usually
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\lua).  After moving the file, open the game,
enable the developer console in the game's settings, go into a singleplayer game, and open it by pressing the
~ key.  Type "lua_openscript_cl whatever-you-called-the-file.lua" into the console and hit enter.  This will
load the cheat.  Once it's open, it should give you some instructional text on how to open the menus and such
in the chat.  A few tips: you can open the dev console in the main menu by pressing shift + ~, but you can't
run the script from the main menu.  No idea why, but you can't.  Secondly, if you want to join servers more
quickly, go into the options menu, other, and at the bottom select "only allow map files".  This will create
errors and other shit, but it will speed up downloads by a shit-ton.  If you have any questions that these
paragraphs don't answer, try google first.  If google can't help you, you can contact the developer of the
cheat at https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198146840693 .  If that account ends up abandoned, good
fucking luck finding me.  My name is so generic that a google search won't bring up jack shit for me, so your
best bet is to just try to contact somebody on the account's friends list to see if they know where I went.
==============================================CONSOLE COMMAND LIST=============================================
ass_insult, ass_insult2, ass_insult3, ass_insult4 -- Generate a single procgen chat spam message
cw_insult, cw_insult2, cw_insult3, cw_insult4 -- Generate a single procgen chat spam message for clockwork
sh_toggle -- Toggles the freecam
sh_pos -- Prints the XYZ coordinates of the freecam's viewport
refreshfriends -- Forces the friend script to add or remove friends if it hasn't already
dupeinradius -- Runs the duplicate in radius script for old hl2rp versions
pickupinradius -- Runs the same thing as above but often doesn't duplicate items and has a larger range
Yes, this is a modification of Project Orion / Defcon.  Their menu used to (and still does) look fucking great.
Over ~2 years, I have modified their cheat in so many ways that it's barely recognizable any more.  Nearly
everything about the cheat has been modified or tweaked in some way.  The new features that have been added
overshadow the original version of Defcon by miles.  You might ask "hey faggot, if you added and changed a
bunch of shit, why did you keep the 'defcon' name in the code?"  The answer to this is a combination of 2
things.  1: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  2: Transparency.  If people look at this and recognize Defcon's
code but with all the tags changed to something like shitc, they're far more likely to get mad at or disregard
the cheat as a skiddie shitpaste.  Now, I do know that everyone would react differently, but knowing the kinds
of people that would get their hands on this cheat, that seems like the average response to hastily changing
all the tags and calling it a brand new cheat.
I should probably also address my development philosophy here, too.  With this cheat, I wanted to make
something with everything you needed, and nothing you don't.  That means no retarded fucking colour changers,
no extraneous bullshit, etc.  People have come to me asking to add shit like niggermenu had where you could
change the colours of FUCKING EVERYTHING, but the only people that did had ADHD and would have spent more time
fucking with the colour sliders than actually playing the damn game.  Some shit I also kept out of the cheat 
simply because it would be a lot of work for very little reward.  One example of this is bone-specific
targeting for the aimbot.  This isn't CS:GO, there's absolutely no good reason to shoot anything but the 
person's head.  Over the ~2 years I've spent using and modifying this cheat, I've found new things to add, and
old shit to remove.  The whole idea behind this was that I was going to use it.  If I'm going to fucking use
it, I want it to be damn good, and if there's one thing I know, it's that if you make something yourself,
It will be the best thing of that kind for you.  Some people like the fag behind Snixzz3 only did it for the
money, and never intended on using the cheat themselves.  They bitched and moaned that they only made $5 from
a single donation on their cheat, the private parts of their cheat that were supposed to be paid got leaked,
and then they quit development entirely.  Their cheat ended up being a self-defeating pile of dogshit
that spammed links to their website if you didn't have the paid version and ran like a pile of shit.  Another
big issue I have with fags like 0xymoron is the way they write shit.  The Project Odium team did this too,
and It fucking eludes me as to why.  They put a line break between every line with actual code.  Just a blank
fucking line.  They don't put fucking annotations there, they don't use it for formatting, they just have
a blank fucking line between every other line.  Not only does this make it a bitch to scroll through, since
you can only see half as much content on your screen at one time, it adds a fuckton of unnecessary lines that
inflate the filesize and line count.  Oh yeah, not to mention Snixzz3's menu is ugly as shit.  Now, I know
I'm being a little bit of a hypocrite with my fucking gratuitous menu display messages / chat spam table,
but it does serve a purpose.  It's not just there to be there, it can be used as chat spam.  Superfluous
lines in a Lua file serve no fucking purpose other than to annoy.  Alright, this is getting to the point
where most people are probably just going to skip over this rather than reading it, so I'll cut it here.

EDITOR'S NOTE 09/07/18:  0xymoron sperged out at me on steam because I mentioned him in this paragraph,
please call him autistic for me. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040553376
===================================================OTHER SHIT==================================================
If you want my bypasser, I'll put the link here just so skids don't have to bug me for a bypasser.
This is CAC detected, but it works for most of what I do.  If you want an undetected one, use odium.pro
or citizenhack.me, as they both have some way for you to inject scripts using them.  Be warned, though.
Many people have reported that using Odium and Shitcheat in conjunction breaks the ESP until you completely
reinstall the game.

Also, in case you're a lazy fuck and don't want to configure the item ESP yourself, here's a link to a
pre-configured one.  It contains all useful Clockwork items such as guns, backpacks, shipments, and ammo.
It also includes most M9K weapons, as well as a good portion of DarkRP printers and bitminers.

I never really expected to write this, I really just wanted to have some more fancy buttons to put on the menu,
but here we are. This is shitcheat, and as I'll call it, "the only good lua cheat for gmod." This cheat has
been developed over the course of approximately 2 years, starting in october of 2016 and unoficially ending in
june of 2018. I don't think I'll ever truly stop updating the cheat until the game dies, but I've got a good
amount of content there and I've fixed every bug I've been brought that I'm willing to. Development was sparked
from a lack of usable lua cheats for gmod, and the desire to kill the game off. The Madbluntz coalition,
militia, or army, though usually just Madbluntz, was the group that it all started from. The group is still
active as of writing this (June 6th, 2018) and continues to wreak havoc on Gmod and CS:GO servers alike,
along with a few others. The leader of the group contracted Caliber, myself, to create a cheat for them due to
this lack of usable lua scripts.  And so I did, and here we are. It's been years in the making, and hopefully
it will have been worth the long, long wait.  So here it is, in all its broken glory:

I present to you, Shitcheat version 7.5.

As it stands, I don't have any more ideas or lists to sift through for new content.
I'll still continue to support the cheat, through the cheap webhost and future patches, but new content will
likely cease. A new and proper tutorial video should be live on the site as soon as this update goes live,
but no promises on that.

In the end, I'm happy with this script here.  I'm content with how broken it is, only because it still
works fine on ancient, near dead gamemodes, like the one this was made for.  It is a script, though, so it
will lag on higher population servers regardless.  I hear there's going to be a new version of Cake's
anti-cheat coming out soon, too. So despite there currently being a 1 line cac bypass out, the fun to be had
with that may very well end with the release of the new anti-cheat. As it stands, CAC is useless against lua
scripts because of this 1 liner, so enjoy this script and others like it while you can, because they may not
last for long.

You can always contact me over steam, the link to my profile is available in the preface of this script.

To close this out, as my (possibly) final words on Shitcheat and maybe Gmod as a whole, enjoy yourselves.
All good things must come to an end, and this cheat is no different.

Gmod is a steaming pile of shit, though.
It doesn't deserve to have survived as long as it has.
Please use this cheat to the fullest to kill off this godawful game.

I'll see you all on the other side, thanks for sticking around.